what it's like
what it’s like uses brotherhood to consider personal, situational and systemic engagement. It walks the audience through a series of experiences, inviting questions about comfort, agency, complicity and responsibility. How responsible for each other are we? How are we here together?

Choreography: Heidi Strauss
Performance: Michael Caldwell, Luke Garwood, Naishi Wang
Scenic Design: Julie Fox
Sound & Projection Design: Jeremy Mimnagh
Lighting Design: Simon Rossiter
Costume Design: Alana Elmer
Vocal Coach: Fides Krucker
Production Manager: Adrien Whan
Creative Producer:  Rachel Penny
Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea
Rehearsal/Production Assistant: Jane-Alison McKinney


what it’s like was developed with residency support from the Theatre Centre (Toronto), and the support of the Ontario Arts Council, The Toronto Arts Council and The Canada Council for the Arts.
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