session 1: September 28-30, 10am-12pm
session 2: October 19-21, 10am-12pm

each session is comprised of 3 mornings of body-in-space play: 
looping floor sequences, 
passage between planes,
improvised anatomical, imagistic, rhythmic explorations, 
and travelling.
through a conversation of expansion and release, shifting directions, soft structures,                   
and a registering internal and external sensation, 
it’s a practice in listening to ourselves, each other, and the space in between - 
a chance to move together in a multiplicity of ways.
Sessions guided by Heidi Strauss.
9 spots/FCFS; due to Covid, preference given to folx who can do all three days per session. 
Masks and daily onsite contact tracing required.
Cost: $60 w/sliding scale + pwyc possible (contact us @
Location: 668 Brock Avenue
questions? : drop us a line
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