re:research audio 2021-22
re:research audio is a series of mini informal podcasts that will feature guest artists discussing their approaches to movement creation, dramaturgy, and their reflections on the creative process. re:research audio sessions aim to provide inspiration, thoughts, and ideas for artists (re)considering their embodied practice and connections.
Hosts of re:research audio

Jane-Alison McKinney by Courtney Gallery 

Dedra McDermott by Alvin Collantes

Originally from New Brunswick, Jane-Alison McKinney (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer, and producer.  A graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, she has performed the works of a variety of contemporary dance artists in Canada and Internationally. In 2016, she was awarded a Metcalf Foundation Internship Grant in Artistic Direction with adelheid under the mentorship of Heidi Strauss, whose close mentorship has played a profound impact on Jane-Alison's artistic development.  She has also worked with adelheid as a dancer, emerging choreographer, and producer. Jane Alison's choreography has been supported nationally by a variety of festivals and residencies; most recently, her solo work 'There she was' was presented by Tangente in Montreal. She is also co-director of the performance collective Bare Nerve with Emma Kerson.
Dedra McDermott (she/her) is an award-winning Black, new generation artist working as a professional dancer, choreographer, producer, and movement dramaturg based in Tkaronto (Toronto). The scope of her performance career includes the diverse worlds of theatre, film and television. Selected credits include Disney's "Zombies" and "Zombies 2",  Royal Caribbean Productions, fu-GEN Theatre, Rodney Diverlus and Syrus Marcus Ware, Laurence Lemieux,  Syreeta Hector, and "American Gods" on Starz Network. She has earned a B.F.A in Choreography and Performance from York University and a Master of Arts from The Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at The University of Toronto. Her current artistic research focuses on movement dramaturgy and exploring choreographic facilitation methods that prioritize identity, memory and exploring what it means to reconstitute the voice in choreographic practice. Her work has been presented at The Forum of Original Theatre / Theory / Thought (University of Toronto, 2021) and The Selma Odom Lecture Series (Toronto, 2021). Dedra McDermott is also a recipient of the Metcalf Foundation Performing Arts Internship, focussing on Artistic Production (Curation and Dramaturgy) at adelheid dance projects for 2021-22.

Sc2 Ep3 w/ Heidi Strauss May 05, 2022 / recorded March 10, 2022
On our final episode of season two, we are joined by adelheid Artistic Director, Heidi Strauss! Enjoy as we reflect on our past and present selves, as well as hopeful futures! 

Sc2 Ep2 w/ Irma Villafuerte and Alejandro Ronceria - January 10, 2022
This episode of the podcast explores mentorship, community and holistic approaches to dramaturgy and collaboration with incredible guests, Irma Villafuerte and Alejandro Ronceria! 
Artists + Resources Mentioned:
Cristina Castrillo (Actress, Teacher and Director)
Marcela Zamora (Documentarian)
Diana Lopez (Multidisciplinary Artist) 
Sc2 Ep1 w/ Esie Mensah - October 05, 2021
In this episode of the podcast, we will discuss ways of diversifying the artistic play space and following your purpose. Joining us today, Esie Mensah!
Artists + Resources Mentioned:
Impact 21 Festival from the 05th - 07th of October
Sc1 Ep. 3 w/ Amanda Acorn - May 18, 2021
On this episode of the podcast, we discuss trauma-informed movement training, holistic facilitation practices, and the future of community dance in Toronto. Joining us today, Amanda Acorn!
​​​​​​​Artists + Resources Mentioned:
Sc1 Ep. 2 w/ Roshanak Jaberi - May 11,  2021
In this podcast episode, we discuss devising, research, process, and work through the many layers of creating work that engages socio-political issues. Joining us today, Roshanak Jaberi!
​​​​​​​Artists + Resources Mentioned:
Visit Jaberi Dance Theatre to keep an eye out for Roshanak’s upcoming exhibit and short documentary film.
Sc1 Ep. 1 w/ Vivine Scarlett - May 04,  2021
This episode of the podcast features producer, advocate, founder of dance immersion and fixture in the Toronto dance community, Vivine Scarlett! We will be reflecting on Vivine’s contribution to Toronto’s dance sector through community advocacy and the future of dance in Toronto.
Artists + Resources Mentioned:
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