In LOT X , audience and dancers form a temporary community where shifts in perspective allow us to consider how we inhabit space and share experience. Considering the layers of recent and distant history of the performance space, LOT X considers our human impact and the hierarchies that can limit passage or movement through space.

dancers    Alana Elmer, Anna Finkel, Luke Garwood, Lukas Malkowski, Sahara Morimoto, Pulga Muchochoma & Naishi Wang
design    Alana Elmer, Jeremy Mimnagh, Simon Rossiter, Jacob Niedzwiecki
vocal coaching    Fides Krucker
understudy    Micha Baltman
intern    Vicki Sue Machin
rehearsal assistance    Jane-Alison McKinney
production team    Laura Cournoyea, Isaac Robinson, James Kendal
collaborators in the development    Nimikii Couchie, Justin De Luna, Kiri Figueiredo, Brian Solomon 
producer    Rachel Penny

Co-presented in May 2019 by DanceWorks and Harbourfront Centre Toronto, with residencies through Open Space/CreativAction @ the National Ballet of Canada, and Peggy Baker Dance Projects/National Ballet School, as well as with support from Lindy Green and Sam Chaiton, and the Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter program.

"Site-sensitive, technology driven, yet rooted in human values 
and experience, LOT X is an ambitious, thoughtful, 
and sometimes sorrowful, 
imagining of our collective future.
…stellar projection work by Jeremy Mimnagh and team 
transforms the staging area from which 
the performers cling to hope and each other.

Kathleen Smith
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