blue collar/2050
The year is 2050. 
The world has been a desert for a while now. 
Nothing but endless sky left to plunder. 
DINGDONG- You receive a new objective from your employer. 
Time to earn your living. 
​​​​​​​Warnings: cartoon depictions of blood and violence
Created by Tia Ashley Kushniruk
Sound by Jeremy Mimnagh
Commissioned by adelheid for the national Transformations project, hosted by the National Arts Centre. This is a response to a provocation by Canadian playwright David Yee: “What would it take to transform our society for the betterment of all?” 
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Tia Ashley Kushniruk is a Queer Woman of Chinese-Eastern European settler heritage from the Treaty 6 Territory of Edmonton AB. Since 2013 she has been affiliated with the Cirque Du Soleil and is a frequent collaborator of Jake W. Hastey for Toy Guns Dance Theatre (Edmonton). She graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (STDT) in 2017, receiving the Kathryn Ash Scholarship in 2016. She has had the pleasure of performing works of Antony Hamilton(DanceMakers, chunkymove), Paul Andre-Fortier, Peggy Baker, Aria Evans, Christopher House(TDT), Shay Kuebler (SK/RSA), Christianne Ullmark, Susie Burpee and Jasmyn Fyffe - touring Nationally across Canada and Internationally to Israel, U.S.A, Colombia, China, and France. Tia’s work has been presented by STDT’s Student Council (Toronto, 2014-2017), Edmonton Dance Theatre’s Dancing in the Park (Edmonton, 2016), Festival Internacional Nomada (El Salvador, 2020), Dancing on the Edge the.response - Dance Cafe (Vancouver 2020), Springboard Performance’s Fluid Festival:Making Love with the Land (Calgary 2020). She is an illustrator, a curator, a moderator, an animator, a stand-up comedian and a writer. Her illustration and animation work has been commissioned by Plastic Orchid Factory (Vancouver, 2020), TwoBig Steps (Vancouver, 2020/2021), SK/RSA (Vancouver 2021) and adelheid (Toronto, 2021). Her research has been supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Canada Council for the Arts, since 2014.
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