You are swimming here
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You are swimming here invites you to encounter recent and distant histories of a particular place, and consider the impact of human presence relative to natural, industrial and technological environments.   In You are swimming here, you decide where to spend time, how to explore, what direction to take, and for how long. 
A collaboration with Luke Garwood, You are swimming here is a site responsive installation.  Using geolocative and target-based Augmented Reality (AR), it is an extension of the performance work LOT X, which was presented as part of a co-presentation between Harbourfront's TORQUE and DanceWorks' Mainstage seasons in June 2019.  You are swimming here is experienced outdoors on the East Campus of Harbourfront Centre. 
September 24 - October 25
Dawn to Dusk
digital designer + developer Luke Garwood  -
choreography + direction Heidi Strauss
video + sound design Jeremy Mimnagh
artistic producer Rachel Penny 
original LOT X wall Digital Design Jacob Niedzwiecki 
performers  Nimikii Couchie, Alana Elmer, Anna Finkel, Luke Garwood, Lukas Malkowski, Pulga Muchochoma, Naishi Wang
Special thanks to Harbourfront Centre, Nathalie Bonjour and Tyler Shaw, Cohort, Amanda Baker, and the beta testing team. 
Minimum requirements: iPhone 7 and Android 9.
Recommended: iPhone 10 or 11 and Android 11.
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